Pressure surrounds Ukraine before the deadlocked war

Pressure surrounds Ukraine before the deadlocked war 0

Pressure surrounds Ukraine before the deadlocked war

(Dan Tri) – Experts say Ukraine is facing increasing pressure as it has not achieved the desired momentum against Russia, while support from the West wavers.

Ukrainian soldiers fire at Russian targets in Bakhmut (Photo: Getty).

The Russia-Ukraine war is about to enter its second year, and as war fatigue grows in the West, the pressure on Ukraine is also growing.

In statements calling for increased aid, Ukraine continuously points to past successes and future goals.

However, the actual situation is not very positive for Ukraine.

Russia is increasing its offensive momentum on the Donbass front in the east, while in the Southeast battlefield – where Kiev has focused its counterattack since June – the situation has remained deadlocked in recent times.

One of Ukraine’s most potential advances is on the southern front as it gains a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper River at Kherson.

On the other hand, Ukraine is facing intense fire attacks from Russia targeting essential infrastructure during the winter.

According to CNN, Ukraine has gone through a week with not very positive news.

However, to reach the goal of official membership, Ukraine may have to wait many years and experts say this can only happen after the war with Russia ends.

On the other hand, the EU also revealed internal disagreements in supporting Ukraine when Hungary opposed the $55 billion aid package for Kiev.

Mr. Zelensky’s persuasion efforts to clear the aid deadlock in US politics were not as successful as expected.

Some Republicans have suggested that the White House needs to be more forceful in handling the situation at the southern border, arguing that security on US territory itself needs to be a priority.

The deadlock on both the battlefield and the support of allies is putting Ukraine in a difficult position.

`Without aid, it will be difficult for us to hold on,` a Ukrainian battlefield doctor told CNN.

However, the opportunity for Ukraine to successfully fight on its own when the economy is exhausted after nearly 2 years of fighting and the infrastructure is destroyed is not feasible.

That continues to put Ukraine in a difficult position in securing resources in a war of attrition with Russia, in the context that Moscow is increasing its military production efforts and asserting that it will continue its military campaign until the end of the war.

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