New Zealand’s Prime Minister is happy with his small family

New Zealand's Prime Minister is happy with his small family 1

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is happy with his small family

To fulfill her responsibilities as a mother, young New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had to go through a difficult journey.

After the good news was announced, a user on the social network Twitter discovered the interesting coincidence that the baby girl had the same birthday as British Prince William and former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the first world leader born

The New Zealand Prime Minister is happy with his partner.

And to fully fulfill the sacred vocation of a woman, the young and charismatic Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had to go through a not easy journey.

Determined for the sacred vocation

Becoming Prime Minister of New Zealand at the age of only 37 (October 2017), perhaps Jacinda Ardern herself and New Zealand voters also anticipated that one day she would have to be a wife and mother, and if this happened

Perhaps because of this rare `strangeness`, even during the election campaign more than a year ago, in a series of questions from voters to the candidate of the Labor Party, there was a question about plans to start a family.

At that time, Ms. Ardern said that this question was `unacceptable` and in her opinion, pregnancy and raising children should not and cannot be an obstacle for women in the workplace.

In her opinion, opposing a politician who is pregnant and has a child while in office is completely misleading, full of prejudice and is a shameful setback when the world is everywhere shouting about it.

Because of this pride and confidence, in January 2018, just a few months after taking office, Ms. Jacinda Ardern did not hesitate to announce to voters and the press that she was pregnant.

The reality of her pregnancy days also shows that things are not easy for Ms. Jacinda Ardern when she has to simultaneously perform the role of mother and leader of the country.

Besides, the `mountain-like` workload also makes her feel a lot of pressure.

Ms. Jacinda Ardern also quickly `conferred` with her close colleague – Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

The female Prime Minister affirmed that her work will not be affected too much because she keeps in regular contact with Mr. Peters and still participates in major policy decisions.

Ms. Jacinda Ardern is not afraid to ask for `advice` from politicians whenever they have meetings or talks with her.

Heavy hearted with a small family

`Welcome to our little village, little girl` – those are the affectionate words the female Prime Minister wrote to the little angel who was just born on June 21 in her hometown of Auckland.

Their love story is like any other love story.

Jacinda Ardern’s beauty and confident, attractive charisma made `love at first sight` seem to fall on Clarke Gayford, urging Clarke Gayford to find every way to meet Jacinda Ardern privately and Clarke Gayford was satisfied.

Of course, for love to exist today, both Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford had to make every effort.

And Jacinda Ardern has always had to remind herself to try to leave her mountain of agenda work outside the door, to have moments of peace, nestled like a little cat in a strong embrace.

The fact that Jacinda Ardern defied public opinion and criticism to become the rare head of state to have a child while in office can also be seen as a sacrifice of a great politician for her small family.

But the important thing is that none of them seem to see it as a sacrifice.

Having a partner who understands and shares with her like that, it is not surprising that the female Prime Minister of New Zealand is so attached to her small family.

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