Why is Mr. Trump increasingly opening the door to returning to the White House?

Why is Mr. Trump increasingly opening the door to returning to the White House? 0

Why is Mr. Trump increasingly opening the door to returning to the White House?

(Dan Tri) – Observers point out the reasons why former US President Donald Trump has a great opportunity to return to the White House again, despite the troubles and controversies he is facing.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters).

Mr. Donald Trump is considered one of the special politicians in this year’s presidential race.

However, according to Reuters, Mr. Trump is still capable of returning to the White House when the US election is 10 months away.

Mr. Trump is leading his opponents in the race to become the Republican presidential candidate by nearly 40 percentage points according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos voter poll.

Observers said that he had a remarkable comeback despite being entangled in a series of troubles.

He is also getting closer to winning the Republican nomination, after an overwhelming victory on January 15 at party meetings in Iowa.

That forced one of his few remaining opponents, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, to drop out of the race.

According to Reuters, there is more than one reason why Mr. Trump is still likely to return to the White House this year.

Unsatisfied voters

President Joe Biden’s team argues that the US economy is in good shape, with the unemployment rate falling to a near-historic low of 3.7% from 6.3% when Trump left office.

But those are macroeconomic numbers.

Mr. Biden’s campaign is talking about general indicators, while voters are thinking about their ability to pay in reality.

Opinion polls show that the majority of voters consider Republicans to be better managers of the economy, although Mr. Trump has so far only offered proposals that are considered quite vague.

Reuters said that American voters have more worries than just looking at economic indicators.

The survey shows that one of the major concerns of the American people is the increase in crime and the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border with Mexico.

According to observers, Mr. Trump is very skilled at conveying messages about voters’ concerns, while still presenting himself as someone from outside the American political system.

Loyal group of voters

While opposition figures in the Republican party, the Democratic party and some media outlets consider Mr. Trump unfit for office, millions of voters do not agree with this assessment.

Instead, many of his supporters believe that Mr. Trump is the victim of a `political witch hunt.`

Mr. Trump also sent the message that he can still run the country during his four years in office despite occasional fluctuations.

America’s internal problems

According to Reuters, Mr. Trump can take advantage of the fact that the White House still seems unable to convince much of the public that Mr. Biden’s job-creating policies – through strong investment in infrastructure, clean energy and

On the other hand, Mr. Biden’s government is also intervening in two foreign wars that divide America in Ukraine and the Middle East.

However, the above reasons cannot guarantee that Mr. Trump will win.

His fierce, challenging rhetoric may not resonate with the group of moderate Republicans and independent voters he will need to win against Biden if nominated.

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