Russia opened a helicopter training center in Venezuela amid tensions

Russia opened a helicopter training center in Venezuela amid tensions 0

Russia opened a helicopter training center in Venezuela amid tensions

(Dan Tri) – A helicopter pilot training center with the help of Russian experts has been opened in Venezuela in the context of the South American country facing a serious crisis.

Mi-35 helicopters (Photo: Sputnik)

“A modern helicopter training center has been built under a contract between Rosoboronexport and the Venezuelan state defense company (CAVIM).

The newly opened center will give Venezuelan pilots the opportunity to train in the use of Mi17V-5, Mi-35M and Mi-26T helicopters.

“Currently, helicopters supplied by Russia to Venezuela not only participate in anti-smuggling operations, but also successfully conduct aerial surveys of forest fires, participate in rescue missions and

A source from the Venezuelan Military Aviation Department said the new center will simplify the pilot training process in Venezuela, while also making the process more efficient.

According to the above source, Russian-made Mi-35M helicopters are being actively used in campaigns against illegal drug production and smuggling in Venezuela.

“A Mi-35M2 helicopter is capable of carrying a special task force of 5-6 officers, providing fire support if necessary and evacuating this group after the mission is completed,” the source said.

Venezuela’s multi-role helicopter battalion operates 31 Russian-made helicopters, including 18 Mi17V-5 transport helicopters, 10 Mi-35M2 attack helicopters and 3 Mi-26T2 heavy transport helicopters.

Rosoboronexport reaffirmed that Russia remains committed to expanding defense industry cooperation with Venezuela, while promoting specialist training and routine maintenance of weapons that Russia has provided to Venezuela.

`Russia’s arms contracts with Venezuela can help this country ensure its security and defense capabilities,` Rosoboronexport’s announcement emphasized.

Declaration of the parties

Media sources previously said that two Russian military planes landed at Caracas airport (Venezuela) on March 24 and carried about 100 soldiers and 35 tons of cargo.

Responding to this information, the Kremlin said that Russian military experts are present in Venezuela to implement the previous military and technical cooperation agreement between the two countries.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Padrino Lopez on March 29 affirmed that military cooperation between Russia and Venezuela should not be considered a concern for other countries.

“It is no secret that our country has maintained defense cooperation with Russia since 2001.

US officials continuously make tough statements, warning about the scenario of Russian military intervention in Venezuela.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Washington views the deployment of foreign troops in Venezuela as a threat to the region.


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