NATO armored vehicles captured by Russia: The defeated weapons

NATO armored vehicles captured by Russia: The defeated weapons 0

NATO armored vehicles captured by Russia: The defeated weapons

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine’s NATO armored tanks have finally `entered` Moscow, but the West seems dissatisfied because their vehicles are controlled by Russians.

Ukraine’s US-made M1 Abrams tank was seized by Russia and displayed in Moscow (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense).

Russia welcomes `special guests`

In the current context, the conflict in Ukraine has become the focus of attention of the international community.

From the Cold War until now, the competition between NATO and Russia has never really stopped.

According to RIA Novosti, the residents of Moscow have just welcomed a group of `special guests`, which are Western armored vehicles from Ukraine – representing the strength of the armies of NATO countries – captured by Russia as prisoners of war.

This action is certainly a strong blow to NATO and makes Western countries that want to support Kiev and fight against Moscow extremely unhappy.

When the conflict  broke out, the West fully supported Ukraine, but high-tech weapons provided by Western countries could not help Kiev change the battlefield.

Western countries have been devoting all their military aid to Kiev, including M1 Abrams main battle tanks (USA), Leopard 2 (Germany), Challenger 2 (UK) and other armored vehicles provided by NATO.

However, the reality is not exactly like that, and these trophies are the clearest proof.

By introducing trophy weapons of Western origin to the public, Russia may have lowered the invincibility of NATO weapons.

On the international political scene, this action by the Russian military quickly attracted widespread attention.

Russia is said to not only launch a strong psychological counterattack and retaliate against the West, but also win points for itself in international public opinion.

Ukraine’s US-made M1 Abrams tank was seized by Russia (Source: RIA Novosti).

American and German tanks will be the center of the `exhibition`

An American M1 Abrams tank aided to Ukraine appeared on the streets of Moscow, perhaps this is the least damaged compared to the others.

Viewers may notice some scorched areas on its rear armor.

The biggest destruction is the broken chain of the vehicle, making it unable to move.

Recently, footage appeared on a highway in Russia showing a tractor transporting a trophy Leopard 2A6.

On May 9 every year, Russia celebrates the Victory Day of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in 1945. This event means organizing one of the most magnificent military parades in the world in Quang Ninh.

The extensive display of modern Western weapons in Moscow will have the prominent presence of M1 Abrams (USA) and Leopard 2 (Germany) tanks.

Russia affirms: NATO weapons cannot help Ukraine win

In this special exhibition, many advanced weapons of several NATO countries have become vivid teaching materials, especially the Leopard 2A6 main battle tank, which represents the industry’s leading achievements.

In addition to the Leopard 2A6, the German Marder infantry fighting vehicle or the American M2A2 Bradley, the French AMX-10RC wheeled tank and the Swedish CV-90 infantry fighting vehicle are also important display products at the exhibition.

Ukraine’s NATO tanks and armor were seized by Russia (Source: Telegram).

These weapons not only reflect the advanced level of NATO’s defense industry, but also bear witness to the brutality of war.

The United States and other Western countries have long believed that providing large amounts of military aid to Ukraine could weaken Russia and change the dynamics of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

For Russia, this is not only a demonstration of achievements on the Ukrainian battlefield, but also valuable material for research and analysis of weapons obtained from the West.

Through trophies, the Russian Army can not only understand the structure and features of enemy weapons, but also more accurately find their weak points, the so-called `Achilles heel`.

This process will certainly enhance the Russian military’s understanding of NATO military technology and improve its ability to respond in future conflicts.

For NATO countries, their military secrets and technological advantages can be erased if Moscow researches these trophy weapons in depth.

It is very likely that the secrets of Western weapons will be shared by Moscow with `natural allies` and potential opponents of the United States.

In fact, it is very normal for Russia and Ukraine to display their trophies.

However, the number of Su-34 losses has recently decreased significantly, which shows that Russia is gradually mastering the air battlefield.

Overall assessment, although military aid from Western countries has supported Ukraine’s military activities to some extent, considering the current situation, these aid has not fundamentally changed the situation.

On the contrary, by seizing and displaying Western military aid weapons in Moscow in the coming days, Russia will not only demonstrate military power, but also challenge the West spiritually and technically.

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