Ukraine dissects `suspected North Korean missiles` during the raid from Russia

Ukraine dissects `suspected North Korean missiles` during the raid from Russia 0

Ukraine dissects `suspected North Korean missiles` during the raid from Russia

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine has dissected the weapons they believe are North Korean-made missiles used by Russia in recent raids.

A missile fragment launched by Russia that Ukraine suspects was produced by North Korea (Photo: Reuters).

Andrii Kostin, Chief of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, said that nearly half of the suspected North Korean missiles that Russia launched into Ukraine during the winter of 2024 did not reach their targets because they exploded in mid-air.

According to him, Ukraine has dissected the remains of 21 out of a total of nearly 50 missiles that Kiev believes North Korea transferred to Russia.

`About half of North Korea’s missiles lose their programmed trajectory and explode in the air; in such cases, the debris is not recovered,` he said.

Mr. Kostin also said that prosecutors will continue to investigate the use of these missiles.

Both North Korea and Russia have not commented on the above information.

Earlier this year, the US and Ukraine accused North Korea of providing Moscow with several dozen ballistic missiles, some of which were used to attack Kiev targets since late last year.

Russia believes that the accusations from the US and Ukraine are without evidence.

Kim criticized the US for its efforts to `illegalize the legitimate relationship between independent sovereign states` and said North Korea `does not feel the need to comment on every baseless accusation made by the US`.

He said that the US had dragged North Korea into an unrelated incident.

On the other hand, South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations Hwang Joon-kook said that North Korea may be obtaining valuable technical and military information related to weapons produced by this country when Russia

Mr. Hwang suspects that North Korea sees Ukraine as a `testing ground for missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads when exporting weapons to Russia`.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya rejected accusations from the US and its allies about Moscow’s use of North Korean missiles and said that Washington was `spreading false information`.

Russia and North Korea have repeatedly denied that they have made any arms deals, but last year they pledged to strengthen military cooperation.

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