Russia’s tactical success in Kharkov

Russia's tactical success in Kharkov 0

Russia’s tactical success in Kharkov

(Dan Tri) – According to the General Staff of Ukraine, in the Kharkov direction, the combat situation is still complicated and changing drastically.

Ukrainian soldiers (Illustration photo: Skynews).

In the latest report published this morning, May 13, the General Staff of Ukraine confirmed that battles are taking place in the border town of Volchansk.

The report reads: `The enemy deployed significant forces to launch an attack on the city, including up to 5 battalions, continuously charging despite losses. In the past day alone, Moscow forces have

The General Staff added that Kiev forces are conducting defensive actions, firing heavily at enemy assault charges and widely using unmanned systems for reconnaissance and reconnaissance purposes.

The report affirms: `The deployment of reserve forces continues to take place to stabilize the situation. When determining tasks, one of the top priorities is to preserve the lives of our soldiers.`

Previously, since May 10, Moscow forces had suddenly reinforced in the Kharkov area and fighting was fierce there.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that reserve units were sent to the north of the Kharkiv region.

On the morning of May 12, the Russian army continued to attack near the village of Glubokoe in the Kharkov region.

Ukraine’s Khortitsa (eastern) group of forces announced that the `gray zone` in the Kharkiv region is not expanding.

According to analysts of the Deep State channel connected to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on May 12, Moscow forces captured six more settlements in the Kharkov region.

Russia's tactical success in Kharkov

War map of Ukraine in Kharkov on May 13.

At the same time, the Deep State channel updated the situation, saying that Moscow forces had advanced near Verbovoy, in Krasnogorovka, in Netailovo, west of Semenovka, east of Novopokrovsky and occupied the villages of the Kharkov region: Morokhovets, Oleynikovo and Zelenoe, continuing

Active battles continued in Lukyantsy, which Russia took almost completely.

Russian forces continued to advance towards Volchansk, gaining a foothold in the surrounding area to push deeper into the center.

There are many reports of Russia controlling a series of settlements but the information is being clarified.

According to Deep State, Ukrainian forces are in a very difficult situation.

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